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High Quality Minky Blankets

Where each blanket is unique in it's own way.

Hand sewn with LOVE in the USA.


About ME :)

Thank you for coming to my shop!!  My Name is Michelle and I own BLINKYMINKYBLANKETS LLC.  I started the company a year after I began selling Minky Blankets. 

This all began as a hobby in my spare time. I used to make these blankets for gifts for Birthday, Anniversaries, New Babies, Thank You's, Congrats gifts. Everyone would tell me your blankets are so very beautiful and you should really think about selling these.  So I did!!! :) 

Here I am 2 years later still doing what I LOVE! I use only the Highest quality Minky from Shannon Fabrics, Michael Miller and Spoonflower.   I sew every blanket with care and quality craftsmanship.  I make every blanket the same way I would like to receive a blanket. I take my time and they do not leave the door if they are not perfect.  

Every blanket is handmade and is unique in its own way.  You can purchase from my website or you can email me to create your very own. 

Let your Imagination run Free!

Caring for your Minky

How to Wash your Minky

To keep your Minky blanket as soft and luxurious as when you first received it you will need to follow these steps: 

1. Wash with Liquid Detergent only, No Powder Detergent or Pods.

2. Wash in Cold Water only.

3. Wash Alone. 

4. Hang Dry or Dry on No Heat setting only. 

5. Do not use Dryer Sheets and Do not Iron.